Caring for Your Horse In Extreme Heat

My friend Amalita Facchiano of Lone Star Park fame just sent me an article from It has some great advice how to take care of us horses during the extreme heat of 2011.

In it, the author mentions how to keep us cool and the importance of insect control in keeping us comfortable.

If you have not already done so, this is a great time try our All-Natural Healthy Stables Insect Control products which include delicious Ingestible Treats and an all new Herbal Shampoo Bar.  Mom and dad have been working hard to create a line of products that are effective AND healthy. These are a great alternative to the chemical-based products you may be currently using.

Read the entire article on caring for horses in extreme heat at:

Hope you are having a great summer!


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Grief Is The Price Of Love

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted – but dad’s been out of town of late and he has access to the hoof-enabled keyboard.

Alas, it’s with great sadness though that I have horrible news today. My sister, my dear sweet Briley K has passed. It happened last Friday night but I didn’t learn about it until Saturday.

Miss You Girl

Dad took the dogs out to the ranch while mom was in Nebraska for her 25th high school reunion. There was a terrible accident as Briley inexplicably jumped in front of dad’s truck. He never had the chance to stop.

Fortunately, she was gone before she suffered and she was doing what she loved – running at the ranch.

Dad buried her that evening but waited until mom got home on Saturday to tell her. She then she rushed out to the stables to tell me and Lightning. God we loved her so.

And so did mom and dad and the rest of us here at Healthy Stables. Our hearts ache. She was only four. Even in dog years that is much too soon.

Oh, she was such a joy to be around – even though she was frequently right behind Lightning and me. She even had the nerve to walk underneath us. It takes trusting soul for a 40 lb. dog to walk underneath a 1,200 lb. horse. But that’s who she was. She loved us all.

Dad said it best though, “Grief is the price of love.”

And God we loved her so.

If you are interested in more, Dad put together this tribute video for her.

May we always remember our Briley K for the love, smiles and spirit she ALWAYS had.

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A Great Story for the Derby

Hard to describe how cool this is:

Good luck in the Kentucky Derby Kathy and Lazerus!!!

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The Fires of Possum Kingdom

The fires in West Texas have ravaged our beloved Cross Timbers countryside. Homes, and lives were lost – human, equine and others.

And while the grief and toil are going to be hard, times like these bring out the best in good people.

One of those is my Uncle Todd. He’s just released a new campaign to help those in need.

Details can be found on a new site created specifically for the cause at or on his highly acclaimed

Please visit these sites and consider contributing, tweeting, retweeting and sharing as much as you can.

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AJ, Katy-Lou and Hillary

This gallery contains 6 photos.

They say all little girls love horses and these girls are no exception. Here are some great pics of a day we got to share with the family.

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No Foolin’

Dad just got word that good friend John Annas’ son-in-law just got home safely from his service in Iraq. If that doesn’t brighten your day, I don’t know what will.

That said, why not take a moment today to reflect on the men and women in our armed forces who continue to fight for our freedom and liberty?

Their incredible sacrifice is worth remembering – always. And that’s no foolin’.


1st Cavalry - Ft. Hood, Texas

Following the casing of the brigade, battalion and division colors, soldiers assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division Horse Detachment perform a cavalry charge accompanied by a helicopter flyover performed by the 1st Cavalry Division Air Cavalry Brigade on Fort Hood’s Cooper Field, Texas, Dec. 12, 2008.    U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Phillip Turner.

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I Guess I’ve Seen It All

Here I was musing about Lightning doing a summersault and then I come across the World’s Smallest Horse:

Damndest thing I’ve ever seen…

Einstein - World's Smallest Horse

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